Name Picture Profile
Chong Shin After working as a fieldworker in a Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP) grant in Indonesian Borneo, Mr Chong completed his PhD and joined the research staff of the National University of Malaysia as an associate professor. He has conducted diverse language and culture research projects in the Sarawak and western Kalimantan areas.
James T. Collins A professor emeritus at the National University of Malaysia. He has conducted research in both Malaysia and Indonesia (including SEASREP) with several publications on language choice and language shift. He is currently co-project director in a language revitalization project in southeastern Maluku (ending in October 2016).
Eka Dahlan Sopalatu With a PhD in the Anthropology of Law, she is a lecturer in the Islamic Economy Faculty of the State Islamic Institute in Ambon. She worked for some time in the Social Conflict Resolution in Southeast Maluku and is active in numerous social action groups in Ambon.
Jamil Patty He finished his MA in Linguistics and has worked at the Gotong Royong Teachers College in Masohi (Maluku). He supervises numerous student groups and activities in the area.
Herpanus After working for some years in projects that extended SEASREP research in western Kalimantan, he completed his doctoral dissertation on language loss and shifts in ecology in the area. He was appointed the head of the Language and Culture of Kalimantan Center at the Persada Khatulistiwa Teachers College (Sintang) where he is a lecturer.
Tang Howe Eng With a PhD in Educational Technology (Mathematics), she is a senior lecturer servicing at Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia, Sarawak Branch, Mukah Campus. Having twelve years of experience, she has conducted diverse Statistics, Mathematics, Educational Technology and Education research projects in Malaysia and Singapore.      
Hendrikus Mangku After serving as an officer in the Dayak Student Forum (2010- 2014) and manager of the Mualang Dayak Youth Association (2015), he finished his BA and now works as a loan officer at the Keling Kumang Coop Union (Sintang).
Anna Marganingsih With an MA in Education, Ms Marganingsih is lecturer at the Persada Khaulistiwa Teachers College but also serves in the regency Technical Team for Analysis of Ecological Impact and as a consultant for a palm oil farmers coop.
Yohanes RJ Having served with various NGOs concerned with ecology, Mr Yohanes served as the CEO of the Keling Kumang Coop Union (Sintang) until 2016. Now he is a consultant to various coop unions in western Kalimantan.